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Dzolo Gbogame, Ghana

In the summer of 2010, my family spent a week living in the beautiful and lush tiny village of Dzolo Gbogame, a four-hour drive north of the capital of Accra. We lived in a small home in the village for a week and helped build a washroom facility behind a building which served as the village’s school, church and community center. Despite living conditions that would make most westerners cringe, the folks in Dzolo Gbogame were some of the happiest people we’ve ever met and treated us like family. I’m sure that being part of a tight knit community had a lot to do with that. The experience was incredibly powerful and life changing for all of us. We were lucky to find and work with a fantastic organization called GlobeAware who helped plan everything for us. I highly recommend them if you’re interested in volunteer work abroad.


3 Responses to “Dzolo Gbogame, Ghana”

  1. globeaware

    Love seeing your colorful pictures and all the smiling Ghanaian faces!! Absolutely breathtaking. Thanks so much for sharing!


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