About Me

My name is Mark Solon and I’ve always enjoyed taking photographs.

I finally took some classes a few years ago before taking a summer sabbatical and heading off on an around-the-world adventure with my family so we could participate in some emerging country volunteer projects. When sharing my photographs from that trip, friends encouraged me to start showing my work, hence this website. I never considered myself having much artistic talent and it’s been gratifying to discover this passion. I’m constantly framing pictures in my mind and I’m grateful to my family and friends for putting up with my interruptions to capture something that catches my eye.

To begin with, I’ll be posting some of my favorites from our big journey and slowly integrate pictures I’ve taken since then. While I have some themes that I enjoy shooting (candid shots of people more than anything), for the most part my work is fairly diverse (for now) and I’ve created various categories on the site. As for editing, I’m a minimalist – mostly using Aperture’s tools to help render what I remember seeing in my viewfinder when I took the photograph.

I hope you enjoy this just a fraction as much as I do. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes. Thanks for stopping by…


P.S. – I also have a blog where I write about venture capital, entreprenerus and things I’ve learned along the way called To Write Is To Think

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